The student council consists of a group of students who will work with adult
sponsors to collaborate and create a positive atmosphere through various activities. Student council members will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills by organizing and carrying out school/community activities and service learning projects. The members will help to promote a positive school spirit. Members are expected to maintain their grades and not have disciplinary infractions. Student council meetings will be held monthly after school and as needed for planning and preparation.

The three office positions are:

Governor – Presides and develops agenda for student council meetings, represents the student body and school at events, coordinates and supervises functions of
elected officers.

1st Lieutenant Governor – Represents the student body at school events alongside
the Governor and helps coordinates activities.

Secretary/Treasurer – Maintains student body files, prepares agenda, takes and
distributes meeting minutes and maintain and prepare financial reports.

Sponsors: Mrs. Carmen Vallo, Ms. Dana Pinto, and Mrs. Kathleen Lucero

Student Council
Student Council Administration

Student Council Members


3rd Grade Representatives:  Chesney Lukee and Rose Vallo

4th Grade Representatives:  Kiira Shupla and Reyelle Begaye

5th Grade Representatives: Madilynn Philemonof and Carrie Sarracino

6th Grade Representatives: Olivia Sanchez and JayDee Vallo

7th Grade Representatives: Unique Mahkee and Leah Romero

8th Grade Representatives:  Kaylynn Concho, Alyas Aragon, Kamea Martinez and Mea Lucio

Haak’u Student Council administration:

Secretary/Treasurer- JayDee Vallo

1st Lieutenant Governor- Olivia Sanchez

Governor- Alyas Aragon


Campaign speeches were held on Wednesday, September 27 @ 8:00 AM in gym.  Voting took place after speeches.  Winners were announced on Thursday, September 28th, after student of the month assembly.

2023-2024 Student Council Goals for the School Year

To be announced.