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The Indian Civilization Act was passed in 1819, to assimilate the Indian children into the white culture.    There were around 350 boarding schools, both government and church run schools.  Acoma children and many other Native children were sent to these boarding schools in the late 1800's to early 1900's.  Most were sent to Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania.  Indian Schools on reservations were beginning to be built in the early 1920's.   Acoma Day school was built in 1924.  This caused the majority of people to relocate to the newer villages to be closer to the schools.  The railroad had also been built by then.  


There are other nearby elementary schools not on the reservation that Acoma children attend.  There are only two middle school and high schools nearby, Grants and Laguna-Acoma.  Others may choose to attend schools in Albuquerque or Santa Fe.  Santa Fe offers a boarding school.  


It was not until the early 50's that electricity was brought into the reservation.  Prior to electricity, candles, kerosene and gas lanterns were used.  Today, there is no electricity or running water atop the Acoma village.



about us

Our HCA students will be provided a quality education, an opportunity to reach their potential and to develop educational skills. We will provide a successful and safe learning environment for our school community, which is an integral part of the students' education. The school community consists of students, parents, school board and staff, and Tribal Administration all sharing the responsibility of promoting the educational process.


Multi-cultural enrichment and traditional values are integrated harmoniously. Our school provides the best learning environment, which enhances a positive attitude toward individual growth and personal fulfillment. Through motivation, all children are encouraged and expected to reach their fullest potential to become responsible citizens who will make significant contributions to our community.


Physical, mental, emotional and social growth finds its strength in a triangle consisting of the home, the school and the community. The school and the parents will work cooperatively to prepare our children for future challenges that await them. Providing a positive support mechanism will enable these young tribal resources to become successful throughout their lifelong learning process.